Inspiration of the Day

I Don't Worry About People Misinterpreting My Kindness For Weakness.

Jason Bateman

Don't Part With Your Illusions.

When They Are Gone You May Still Exist But You Have Ceased To Live.

Mark Twain

While One Person Hesitates Because He Feels Inferior,

The Other Is Busy Making Mistakes And Becoming Superior.

Henry C. Link

When You Cannot Get A Compliment Any Other Way, Pay Yourself One.

Mark Twain

Creativity Is The Defeat Of Habit By Originality.

Arthur Koestler

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help When You Need It.

I Do That Every Day. Asking For Help Isn't A Sign Of Weakness,

It's A Sign Of Strength Because It Shows You Have The Courage To Admit

When You Don't Know Something, And That Then Allows You To Learn Something New.

Barack Obama

Limits, Like Fear, Are Often Just An Illusion.

Michael Jordan

I Feel That The Greatest Reward For Doing Is The Opportunity To Do More.

Jonas Salk

I Walked A Mile With Pleasure; She Chatted All The Way;

But Left Me None The Wiser For All She Had To Say.

I Walked A Mile With Sorrow; And Ne'er A World Said She;

But Oh! The Things I Learned From Her, When Sorrow Walked With Me.

Robert Browning Hamilton

The Only Way We Are Going To Keep Our Standard Of Living Rising Is

To Build A Society That Produces People Who Can Keep Inventing The Future.

Thomas L. Friedman

A Life Spent Making Mistakes Is Not Only More Honorable But More Useful Than A Life Spent Doing Nothing.

George Bernard Shaw

When Your Goal Is Longevity, Consistency Trumps Trophies.

Jason Bateman

If You Believe That Feeling Bad Or Worrying Long Enough Will Change A Past Or Future Event,

Then You Are Residing On Another Planet With A Different Reality System.

William James

After Every Success, Even Small Ones, Huddle With Those You Work With And Ask,

'what's Next?' And Don't Wait For The Answer - Have Five Answers Ready.

Mark Wahlberg

Keep Away From People Who Try To Belittle Your Ambition.

Small People Always Do That, But The Really Great Make You Feel That You, Too, Can Become Great.

Mark Twain

Being Big And Rich And Well -

Armed Does Not Make You A Leader. Followers Make You That,

And The Loyalty Of Followers Has To Be Earned By More Than A Great Speech And An Inspiring Life Story.

Michael Elliott

Do You Know The Difference Between Education And Experience?

Education Is When You Read The Fine Print; Experience Is What You Get When You Don't.

Pete Seeger

Sometimes The Heart Sees What Is Invisible To The Eye.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Don't Aim For Success If You Want It; Just Do What You Love And Believe In, And It Will Come Naturally.

David Frost

All The Art Of Living Lies In A Fine Mingling Of Letting Go And Holding On.

Henry Ellis

People Will Forget What You Said, People Will Forget What You Did,

But People Will Never Forget How You Make Them Feel.

Maya Angelou

The Only Regrets That One Can Ever Have Are The Risks That One Didn't Take.

Gloria Yu

The Future Is Just A Concept That We Use To Avoid Being Alive Today.

Brenda Chenowith

Happiness Is A How, Not A What; A Talent, Not An Object.

Hermann Hesse

I Like To Surround Myself With People Who’re Better Than Me Because I Enjoy Being Pushed And Challenged.

Neil Strauss

Next Time You're Mad, Forget About Posting An Angry Diatribe On Twitter.

Instead, Figure Out How You're Going To Channel Your Anger Into Positive Change.

Maybe It's As Simple As Putting In A Serious Workout At The Gym;

Maybe It's As Grand As Becoming Involved In A Community Program To Help The Disadvantaged.

Either Way, An Angry Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

David Zinczenko

The Greatest Mistakes A Man Can Ever Make Is To Be Afraid Of Making One.

Elbert Hubbard

If There's No Struggle Around This, Then By Definition It Would Not Have Been Very Important.

William Clay Ford, Jr.

Always Remember That The Future Comes One Day At A Time.

Dean Archeson

I Have Always Believed That Constraints Are The Seeds Of Invention.

Charles Gwathmey

Once You Learn To Quit, It Becomes A Habit.

Vince Lombardi

We Have All Comebacks That We Need To Make,

If Only Against The Persistent Challenge Of Beating Our Former Selves.

Joe Kita

In The Proximity Of Death, The Whole Concept Of Ownership Stands Revealed As Ultimately Meaningless.

Eckhart Tolle

People Die. That Truth Is So Disheartening That At Times I Can't Bear To Articulate It.

Why Should We Go On, You Might Ask? Why Don't We All Just Stop And Lie Down Where We Are?

But There's Another Truth, Too.

People Live. It's An Equal And Opposing Truth. People Live, And In The Most Remarkable Ways.

Lance Armstrong

When Your Life Sucks From The Beginning, You Don't Know Where To Go But Up.

Lawrence Kutner

What We Have Done For Ourselves Alone Dies With Us;

What We Have Done For Others And The World Remains And Is Immortal.

Albert Pike

Obstacles Don't Have To Stop You. If You Run Into A Wall, Don't Turn Around And Give Up.

Figure Out How To Climb It, Go Through It, Or Work Around It.

Michael Jordan

Be Daring, Be Different, Be Impractical;

Be Anything That Will Assert Integrity Of Purpose And Imaginative Vision Against The Play-it-safers,

The Creatures Of The Commonplace, The Slave Of The Ordinary.

Cecil Beaton

A Business That Makes Nothing But Money Is A Poor Business.

Henry Ford

I'd Rather Lose By Ten Points Trying To Go For The Win Than Lose By One Point

And Look Back And Say, 'goddamn It, I Should Have Gone For The Win.'

Steve Schmidt

Don't Stay In Bed, Unless You Can Make Money In Bed.

George Burns

Living In The World Always Requires Action.

The Idea Is To Be Wise Enough To Act In A Way That Reduces Or Eliminates Reactions That Bring Us Suffering.

Phra Bhasakorn Bhavilai

If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going.

Winston Churchill

To Be Loved, Be Lovable.


There's No Revenge So Complete As Forgiveness.

Josh Billings

The Trouble With Doing Something Right The First Time Is That Nobody Appreciates How Difficult It Was.

Walt West

By Even Comptemplating A Plan B, You Almost Create A Necessity For A Plan B.

Will Smith

You Have To Turn Defeat Into Experience, Not Baggage.

Jason Rogers

I Don't Know The Key To Success, But The Key To Failure Is Trying To Please Everybody.

Bill Cosby

Every Man Dies. Not Every Man Really Lives.

William Wallace

The Way To Love Anything Is To Realize That It May Be Lost.

Gilbert K Chesterton

To Live Is The Rarest Thing In The World. Most People Exist, That's All.

Oscar Wilde

It's Not The Mountain We Conquer But Ourselves.

Edmund Hillary

Live As If You Were Living A Second Time, And As Though You Had Acted Wrongly The First Time.

Viktor Frankl

In Faith There Is Enough Light For Those Who Want To Believe

And Enough Shadows To Blind Those Who Don't.

Blaise Pascal

We're Told That Talent Creates Opportunity, Yet It Is Desire That Creates Talent.

Bruce Lee

Many Of Life's Failures Are People Who Do Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up.

Thomas Edison

I Never Doubted My Ability, But When You Hear All Your Life You're Inferior,

It Makes You Wonder If The Other Guys Have Something You've Never Seen Before.

If They Do, I'm Still Looking For It.

Hank Aaron

Money Is Important, But What's More Important For Survival Is The Ability To Make Money.

Josie Ho

Self-reliance Is The Only Road To True Freedom, And Being One's Own Person Is Its Ultimate Reward.

Patricia Sampson

The Young Man Knows The Rules, But The Old Man Knows The Exceptions.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

I Look For The Positive In Everything.

Nancy Hui

Discomfort Is Opportunity.

It's Where Change Comes From. When We're Comfortable In Our Jobs,

We Don't Change Or Grow. That Put Us At Risk.

Larry Winget

There Are Plenty Of Times That You Figure Somebody Else Doesn't Have The Same Interests You Do.

And They Might Be Your Friends. That's The Toughest - When They're Closest To You.

You Have To Have The Discipline To At Times Say No,

So That You Can Do What You Need To Do To Accomplish What You Want To Accomplish.

Drew Brees

Innovation Is The Specific Instrument Of Entrepreneurship.

The Act That Endows Resources With A New Capacity To Create Wealth.

Peter Drucker

The Reason People Blame Things On Previous Generations Is That There's Only One Other Choice.

Doug Larson

I Do Not Know Anyone Who Has Got To The Top Without Hard Work.

That Is The Recipe.

It Will Not Always Get You To The Top, But Should Get You Pretty Near.

Margaret Thatcher

From The Bitterness Of Disease Man Learns The Sweetness Of Health.

Catalan Proverb

One See Great Things From The Valley, Only Small Things From The Peak.

G.K. Chesterton

The Real Reward For Pain Is This: Self-Knowledge.

If I Quit, However, It Would Have Lasted Forever, That Surrender,

Even The Smallest Act Of Giving Up, Would Have Stayed With Me For The Duration.

When You Felt Like Quitting, You Had To Ask Yourself Which You Would Rather Live With.

Lance Armstrong

Change Will Not Come If We Wait For Some Other Person Or If We Wait For Some Other Time. We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For. We Are The Change That We Seek.

Barack Obama

It Is Better To Conquer Yourself Than To Win A Thousand Battles.

Then The Victory Is Yours.

It Cannot Be Taken From You, Not By Angels Or By Demons, Heaven Or Hell.


Champions Aren't Made In The Gyms.

Champions Are Made From Something They Have Deep Inside Them - A Desire, A Dream, A Vision.

Muhammad Ali

If I Have To Name My Greatest Strength,

I Guess It Would Be My Humility. Greatest Weakness,

It's Possible That I'm A Little Too Awesome.

Barack Obama

Als Ich Kan.
(The Best I Can Do)

Jan Van Eyck

The World Is Moving So Fast These Days That

The Man Who Says It Can't Be Done Is Generally Interrupted By Someone Doing It.

Elbert Hubbard

If There's One Thing I've Learned, It Always Takes Longer Than You Think.

Barack Obama

I Guess I've Trained Myself To Cut Down In My Expectations About How Things Will Be Received

Because That Will Only Lead To Dissatisfaction.

So I Invest My Emotions Into How Well I Think The Things Have Been Rendered.

James Franco

Time Is Too Slow For Those Who Wait, Too Swift For Those Who Fear,

Too Long For Those Who Grieve, Too Short For Those Who Rejoice,

But For Those Who Love, Time Is Eternity.

Henry Van Dyke

History Did Not Make The Man; The Man Made History.

Henry Luce

Cautious, Careful People, Always Casting About To Preserve Their Reputations...

Can Never Effect A Reform.

Susan B. Anthony

A Good Deed Becomes Tainted When You Expect Something In Return.

Duane Alan Hahn

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself.

Franklin D Roosevelt

True Education Is Concerned Not Only With Practical Goals But Also With Values. Our Aims Assure Us Of Our Material Life, Our Values Make Possible Our Spiritual Life.

Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe

You Have To Witness Your Work And See Your Flaws.

It Can Be Difficult For Others To Critique You, So You Have To Be Extremely Critical Of Yourself.

You Have To Look At Yourself And Say, 'i Need To Improve On This Specific Thing.'

You Can Never Be Content.

Larry Fitzgerald

I Believe In Rules. Sure I Do. If There Weren't Any Rules, How Could You Break Them?

Leo Durocher

A Man Who Dares To Waste One Hour Of Time Has Not Discovered The Value Of Life.

Charles Darwin

To Effectively Communicate,

We Must Realize That We Are All Different In The Way We Perceive The World

And Use This Understanding As A Guide To Our Communication With Others.

Tony Robbins

All Men Dream, But Not Equally.

Those Who Dream By Night In The Dusty Recesses Of Their Minds,

Wake In The Day To Find That It Was Vanity;

But The Dreamers Of The Day Are Dangerous Men,

For They May Act On Their Dreams With Open Eyes, To Make Them Possible.

Thomas E. Lawrence

If You Are Too Humble, People Won't Take You Seriously;

And If You Think Too Highly Of Yourself, It's Not Good For You Either.

Han Han

Throughout The Centuries There Were Men Who Took First Steps,

Down New Roads, Armed With Nothing But Their Own Vision.

Ayn Rand

Until You Make Peace With Who You Are, You'll Never Be Content With What You Have.

Doris Mortman

Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence, Then, Is Not An Act, But A Habit.


Think Like A Man, Look Like A Girl, Behave Like A Lady, And Work Like A Slave.

Anson Chan

Sometimes, To Be Human, You Have To Take Sides.

David Oliver Relin

You Are Only What You Are When No One Is Looking.

Robert C. Edwards

A Pessimist Is One Who Makes Difficulties Of His Opportunities And

An Optimist Is One Who Makes Opportunities Of His Difficulties.

Harry Truman

Forgiveness Is The Economy Of The Heart...

Forgiveness Saves The Expense Of Anger, The Cost Of Hatred, The Waste Of Spirits.

Hannah More

It's Better To Be A Lion For A Day Than A Sheep All Your Life.

Sister Elizabeth Kenny

If You're The Smartest Person In The Room, You're In The Wrong Room.

David Zinczenko

The Relationship With Our Employees Is Much More Important Than The Money.

As It Turns Out, At The End Of The Day, That's The Way To Make Money Anyway.

Steve Wynn

The Limits Of The Possible Can Only Be Defined By Going Beyond Them Into The Impossible.

Arthur Clarke

I Come To Realize That Each Achievement Is Only A Point Along The Road.

The Real Goodness Of Living Comes From The Journey Itself,

With The Striving And Desire To Keep Moving.

Maurice Maeterlin

My View, Having Done This For A Long Time, Is You Never Know.

You Make The Best Call With The Judgment You Have.

Robert Gates

Ask Yourself Whether The Dream Of Heaven And Greatness Should Be Waiting For Us In Our Graves -

Or Whether It Should Be Ours Here And Now And On This Earth.

Ayn Rand

Adversity Causes Some Men To Break; Others To Break Records.

William A. Ward

In Fighting, In Evolution, In Life, Efficiency Is The Key.

It's Not The Most Powerful Animal That Survives. It's The Most Efficient.

George St-pierre

Always Write Angry Letters To Your Enemies. Never Mail Them.

James Fallows

It's Not The Will To Win... It's The Will To Prepare To Win That Makes The Difference.

Vince Lombardi

I Like To Work On Subjects That Are Underreported Or Unknown By The Mainstream.

They Often Become Projects Of Self-discovery.

Jonathan Torgovnik

You Were Always A Better Person Inside. All You Had To Do Was Peel Away The Layers.

Duane Alan Hahn

Being Ignorant Is Not So Much A Shame, As Being Unwilling To Learn.

Benjamin Franklin

You're Entitled To Your On Opinion, But You're Not Entitled To Your Own Facts.

Pat Moynihan

Ideal Conversation Must Be An Exchange Of Thought,

And Not, As Many Of Those Who Worry Most About Their Shortcomings Believe,

An Eloquent Exhibition Of Wit Or Oratory.

Emily Post

If A Small Thing Has The Power To Make You Angry,

Does That Not Indicate Something About Your Size?

Sydney J. Harris

Carry Out A Random Act Of Kindness, With No Expectation Of Reward,

Safe In The Knowledge That One Day Someone Might Do The Same For You.

Princess Diana

The Appearance Of Great Ideas, Like Life Itself, Is Still Considered A Miracle.

Vladislav Surkov

Every Exit Is An Entry Somewhere.

Tom Stoppard

Where We Cannot Invent, We May At Least Improve.

Charles Caleb Colton

The Best Thing About The Future Is That It Comes Only One Day At A Time.

Abraham Lincoln

Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction.

We Didn't Pass It To Our Children In The Bloodstream.

It Must Be Fought For, Protected, And Handed On For Them To Do The Same.

Ronald Reagan

Failure Is An Event, Never A Person.

William D. Brown

Some Men See Things As They Are And Asked Why?

Others Dream Things That Never Were And Asked Why Not?

George Bernard Shaw

It Is Easier To Do A Job Right Than To Explain Why You Didn't.

Martin Van Buren

In Essence, If We Want To Direct Our Lives, We Must Take Control Of Our Consistent Actions.

It's Not What We Do Once In A While That Shapes Our Lives, But What We Do Consistently.

Tony Robbins

I Don't Wish To Be Everything To Everyone, But I Would Like To Be Something To Someone.


There's No 'i' In 'team'..... There's 'i' In 'win'.

Michael Jordan

A Good Listener Is Not Only Popular Everywhere, But After A While He Gets To Know Something.

Wilson Mizner

You Can't Let Your Failures Define You -- You Have To Let Your Failures Teach You.

Barack Obama

Do Something Every Day That You Don't Want To Do;

This Is The Golden Rule For Acquiring The Habit Of Doing Your Duty Without Pain.

Mark Twain

You Will Find As You Look Back Upon Your Life That The Moments When You Have Truly Lived Are The Moments When You Have Done Things In The Spirit Of Love.

Henry Drummond

Ring And Jewels Are Not Gifts, But Apologies For Girls. The Only Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.

Ralph W. Emerson

If Only We'd Stop Trying To Be Happy We Could Have A Pretty Good Time.

Edith Wharton

We Don't Ask To Be Eternal Beings, We Only Ask That Things Do Not Lose All Their Meaning.

Antoine De Saint Exupery

Modesty Means Admitting The Possibility Of Error,

Subsuming The Self For The Good Of The Whole,

Remaining Open To Surprise And The Gifts That Only Failure Can Bring.

Nancy Gibbs

Age Cannot Interfere With What The Heart Desires.

Bruce Lebitz

It Is My Great Hope Someday To See Science And Decision Makers Rediscover What The Ancients Have Always Known,

Namely That Our Highest Currency Is Respect.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Do Not Wait For The Future To Come To You... Face The Future.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The Worst Thing One Can Do To Himself Is To Be Too Afraid To Choose -

When You Sit At A Junction Because You Are Too Scared To Make A Decision About Which Road To Take.

Mike Rowse

As Your Faith Is Strengthened You Will Find That There Is No Longer The Need

To Have A Sense Of Control That Things Will Flow As They Will,

And That You Will Flow With Them, To Your Great Delight And Benefit.

Emmanuel Teney

A Lot Of People Think The Only Time In Your Life When You Have Absolute Freedom Is

When You Have Money. They're Wrong. It's When You Have Nothing To Lose.

Matt Bean

Large Manufacturing Plants, Office Towers, Even Homes,

Have Value Only To The Extent That Market Participants Value Their Future Use.

If The World Were To Come To An End In An Hour,

All Symbols Of Wealth Would Be Judged Worthless.

Alan Greenspan

People, Even More Than Things, Have To Be Restored, Renewed, Revived, Reclaimed,

And Redeemed; Never Throw Out Anyone.

Audrey Hepburn

If You Chase A Short-term Fix, You'll Experience Long-term Failure.

Chris Majer

Critics Are Like Eunuchs In A Harem;

They Know How It's Done, They've Seen It Done Every Day, But They're Unable To Do It Themselves.

Bredan Behan

Hard Work Without Talent Is A Shame, But Talent Without Hard Work Is A Tragedy.

Robert Half

I Don't Want To Be An Icon. I Want To Be An Idea.

Will Smith

No Success Is Self-generated, No Failure Is Self-contained.

The Things You Do Now, And The Man You Will Become, Determine What You're Capable Of.

Mark Wahlberg

Life Is Not About How Fast You Run Or How High You Climb, But How Well You Bounce.

Deborah Jurist

The More Name Cards You Hand Out, The Fewer Friends You Have.

The More You Talk, The Less Sense You Make.

The More You Use Your Brain, The Less Hair You Have.

Lin Xi

Be More Concerned With Your Character Than With Your Reputation,

Because Your Character Is What You Are,

While Your Reputation Is What Others Think Of You.

John Wooden

Human Beings, Who Are Almost Unique In Having The Ability To Learn From The Experience Of Others, Are Also Remarkable For Their Apparent Disinclination To Do So.

Douglas Adams

Ability Is What You're Capable Of Doing Motivation Determines What You Do. Attitude Determines How Well You Do It.

Vince Lombardi

A Friendship Can Weather Most Things And Thrive In Thin Soil;

But It Needs A Little Mulch Of Letters And Phone Calls And Small, Silly Presents Every So Often -

Just To Save It From Drying Out Completely.

Pam Brown

I Write My Own Quotes. Except This One. I Obviously Stole This From Somebody Really Clever.

Brian Celio

If You Enter This World Knowing You Are Loved And You Leave This World Knowing The Same,

Then Everything That Happens In Between Can Be Dealt With.

Michael Jackson

We Don't Know Who We Are Until We See What We Can Do.

Martha Grimes

Something Bad Is Never Fair, And You Of All People Don't Deserve It.

But It Happened.

And Until You Acknowledge And Embrace That Fact, You'll Never Be Able To Start Overcoming It.

All That Anger, Denial, And Disbelief Takes Energy Away From Healing.

Kendall Hochman

Big Decisions Are Actually Quite Small At The Time You Make Them.

But It's Just Like What The Ads Say - I Made The Journey And The Journey Made Me.

Mike Rowse

I Am Rather Inclined To Silence, And Whether That Be Wise Or Not,

It Is At Least More Unusual Nowadays To Find A Man Who Can Hold His Tongue Than To Find One Who Cannot.

Abraham Lincoln

We Grow Only By Giving The Best Of Ourselves To Something That We Believe In Heart And Soul.

This Is The Essence Of Loyalty.

Harvey N. Davis

Let's Stick To What We're Best At, And Do It Better.

Wen Jiabao

No Man Is Happy Without A Delusion Of Some Kind. Delusions Are As Necessary To Our Happiness As Realities.

Christian Nevell Bovee

The Really Good Idea Is Always Traceable Back Quite A Long Way,

Often To A Not Very Good Idea Which Sparked Off Another Idea That Was Not Only Slightly Better,

Which Somebody Else Misunderstood In Such A Way That

They Then Said Something Which Was Really Rather Interesting.

John Cleese

Doubt Is A Pain Too Lonely To Know That Faith Is His Twin Brother.

Kahlil Gibran

Prepare For The Worst; Expect The Best; And Take What Comes.

Robert E. Speer

If You Don't Like Something, Change It. If You Can't Change It, Change Your Attitude.

Maya Angelou

Leadership Should Be Born Out Of The Understanding

Of The Needs Of Those Who Would Be Affected By It.

Marian Anderson

We Give Advice By The Bucket, But Take It By The Grain.

W. R. Alger

I Learned That Courage Was Not The Absence Of Fear, But The Triumph Over It.

The Brave Man Is Not He Who Does Not Feel Afraid, But He Who Conquers That Fear.

Nelson Mandela

We Can Do Anything We Want To Do If We Stick To It Long Enough.

Helen Keller

More People Should Learn To Tell Their Dollars Where To Go

Instead Of Asking Them Where They Went.

Roger W. Babson

A Peace Is Of The Nature Of A Conquest;

For Then Both Parties Nobly Are Subdued, And Neither Party Loser.

William Shakespeare

I Love The Man That Can Smile In Trouble, That Can Gather Strength From Distress, And Grow Brave By Reflection.

Thomas Paine

Dance Like Nobody's Watching; Love Like You've Never Been Heard;

Sing Like Nobody's Listening; Live Like It's Heaven On Earth.

Mark Twain

Our Time Is So Specialized That We Have People Who Know More And More Or Less And Less.

Alvar Aalto

Age Is Just A Number.

Dara Torres

You Can Tell Whether A Man Is Clever By His Answers.

You Can Tell Whether A Man Is Wise By His Questions.

Naguib Mahfouz

In A World Where People Constantly Directly Or Indirectly Tell You

Who You Should Be, Who You Shouldn't Be, How You Should Act And Shouldn't Act,

It's Really Important To Hear One's Own Voice Above It All, And To Go Through Life In Your Own Style.

Gloria Yu

The Extent To Which People Are Willing To Take Risks

Depends On The Rewards They Think They May Gain.

Effective Property And Individual Rights In General Decrease Uncertainty

And Open A Wider Scope For Risk Taking And The Actions

That Can Produce Material Well-being. Inaction Produces Nothing.

Alan Greenspan

If You Believe That Every Life Has Equal Value,

It's Revolting To Learn That Some Lives Are Seen As Worth Saving And Others Are Not.

We Said To Ourselves: This Can't Be Truth.

But If Its Is Ture, It Deserves To Be The Priority Of Our Giving.

William H. Gates III

Until You Value Yourself, You Won't Value Your Time.

Until You Value Your Time, You Will Not Do Anything With It.

M. Scott Peck

Every Truth Passes Through Three Stages Before It Is Recognized.

In The First It Is Ridiculed, In The Second It Is Opposed, In The Third It Is Regarded As Self Evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Information's Pretty Thin Stuff Unless Mixed With Experience.

Clarence Day

One Man Has Enthusiasm For 30 Minutes, Another For 30 Days,

But It Is The Man Who Has It For 30 Years Who Makes A Success Of His Life.

Edward B. Butler

An Eye For Eye Only Ends Up Making The Whole World Blind.

M.k. Gandhi

Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Strangely Enough, This Is The Past That Somebody In The Future Is Longing To Go Back To.

Ashleigh Brilliant

The Worst Loneliness Is Not To Be Comfortable With Yourself.

Mark Twain

I Prefer To Be True To Myself,

Even At The Hazard Of Incurring The Ridicule Of Others,

Rather Than To Be False, And To Incur My Own Abhorrence.

Frederick Douglass

Kindness Can Become Its Own Motive. We Are Made Kind By Being Kind.

Eric Hoffer

There're Other Ways To Think Of Things Than The Way You Think Of Them.

Herman Duck Philips

Time, Which Changes People, Does Not Alter The Image We Have Retained Of Them.

Marcel Proust

Never Be Bullied Into Silence. Never Allow Yourself To Be Made A Victim.

Accept No One's Definition Of Your Life; Define Yourself.

Harvey Fierstein

The True Test Of Character Is Not How Much We Know How To Do,

But How We Behave When We Don't Know What To Do.

John Holt

Man's Main Task In Life Is To Give Birth To Himself, To Become What He Potentially Is.

Erich Fromm

Expect The Best. Prepare For The Worst. Capitalize On What Comes.

Zig Ziglar

When You Are Arguing With A Fool, Make Sure He Isn't Doing The Same Thing.


If Two People Agree On Everything In A Marriage, One Of Them Is Unnecessary.


The Art Of Being Wise Is The Art Of Knowing What To Overlook.

William James

A Scientific Truth Does Not Triumph By Convincing Its Opponents And Making Them See The Light,

But Rather Because Its Opponents Eventually Die

And A New Generation Grows Up That Is Familiar With It.

Max Planck

If Everything Seems Under Control, You're Just Not Going Fast Enough.

Mario Andretti

If You're Always Changing Gears,

You Won't Focus Enough Time And Energy To Succeed In One Place.

Chris Mayer

A Successful Man Is One Who Can Lay A Firm Foundation With The Bricks Others Have Thrown At Him.

David Brinkley

Bill Gates Started His Business In A Recession, Walt Disney Went Broke.

In Other Words, Going Broke Is Just Leading Up To Our Final Destiny.

Keilen William

Life Shrinks Or Expands In Proportion To One's Courage.

Anais Nin

Attack The Evil That Is Within Yourself, Rather Than Attacking The Evil That Is In Others.


If You Are Doing Your Best, You Will Not Have Time To Worry About Failure.

Roberts Hillyer

Only When We Are No Longer Afraid Do We Begin To Live

Dorothy Thompson

We Cannot Change Anything Unless We Accept It.

Condemnation Does Not Liberate, It Oppresses.

Carl Jung

Life Is A Series Of Collisions With The Future;

It Is Not The Sum Of What We Have Been, But What We Yearn To Be.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset

I Train For Myself. I'm Training All The Time. My Goal Is Perfection.

But I Will Never Reach Perfection.

George St-pierre

My Favorite Holding Period Is Forever.

Warren Buffet

Regret For The Things We Did Can Be Tempered By Time;

It Is Regret For The Things We Did Not Do That Is Inconsolable.

Sydney J. Harris

Success Seems To Be Largely A Matter Of Hanging On After Others Have Let Go.

William Feather

If Patience Is Worth Anything, It Must Endure To The End Of Time. And A Living Faith Will Last In The Midst Of The Blackest Storm.

Mohandas Gandhi

What Made Me Who I Am Now Is The Sum Of All The Humiliations Suffered During Childhood.

Nicholas Sarkozy

Courage Is The Greatest Of All The Virtues. Because If You Haven't Courage,

You May Not Have An Opportunity To Use Any Of The Others.

Samuel Johnson

From What We Get, We Can Make A Living; What We Give, However, Makes A Life.

Arthur Ashe

Time Is The Coin Of Life. Only You Can Determine How It Will Be Spent.

Carl Sandburg

Think Twice, Do It Once. Do It Once, Do It Right.

Isabel Vince

Greatness Is Something That Nobody Can Ever Take Away From You, No Matter What Happens.

So I Put All My Energy And Focus Into My Craft.

Larry Fitzgerald

If You Know What It Is Going To Look Like Before You Begin, It's Not Worth Starting.

Frank O. Gehry

This Is My Simple Religion.

There Is No Need For Temples; No Need For Complicated Philosophy.

Our Own Brain, Our Own Heart Is Our Temple; The Philosophy Is Kindness.

Dalai Lama

Success Relates To Standing Out, Not Fitting In.

Don Draper

There Are Two Educations. One Should Teach Us How To Make A Living And The Other How To Live.

John Adams

Going To Work For A Large Company Is Like Getting On A Train.

Are You Going Sixty Miles An Hour Or Is The Train Going Sixty Miles An Hour And You're Just Sitting Still?

J. Paul Getty

Man Is A Creature Of Hope And Invention,

Both Of Which Belie The Idea That Things Cannot Be Changed.

Tom Clancy

The Lure Of The Distant And The Difficult Is Deceptive. The Great Opportunity Is Where You Are.

John Burroughs

When A Friend Is In Trouble, Don't Annoy Him By Asking If There Is Anything You Can Do. Think Up Something Appropriate And Do It.

Edward W. Howe

The One Thing We Can't Lose Is Hope. We Still Have Time To Turn Things Around.

Our Children Will Inherit A World Rich - Or Poor -

In Biodiversity Based On How Much We Preserve And Protect Today.

Joel Sartore

Very Little Is Needed To Make A Happy Life; It Is All Within Yourself, In Your Way Of Thinking.

Marcus Aurelius

A Goal Is A Dream That Has An Ending.

Duke Ellington

I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think,

All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.

John Burroughs

If You Wish Your Merit To Be Known, Acknowledge That Of Other People.

Oriental Proverb

The Best Thinking Has Been Done In Solitude.

Thomas A. Edison

You Cannot Be Lonely If You Like The Person You're Alone With.

Wayne Dyer

The Past Is Irrelevant, The Rules Are Suspended, And Limitations Are For Losers.

David Von Ddrehle And Jay Newton-small

Each Of Us Contains Something Within Us Which Is Unknown,

But Which, When It Surfaces, Is Capable Of Producing Miracles.

Peter Sherney

Two Roads Diverged In A Wood, And I - I Took The One Less Traveled By,

And That Has Made All The Difference.

Robert Frost

The Sweaty Players In The Game Of Life Always Have More Fun Than The Supercilious Spectators.

William Feather

We All Have Different Views Of What Is Just,

But None Can Avoid The Built-in Necessity Of Making Such Judgments.

This Built-in Necessity Is The Basis Of The Laws That Govern Every Society.

Alan Greenspan

A Pessimist Sees The Difficulty In Every Opportunity; An Optimist Sees The Opportunity In Every Difficulty.

Winston Churchill

You Knew Me.

You Knew That Person, But You Don't Know The Person I'm Trying To Become.

Henry Covington

A Poet Looks At The World The Way A Man Looks At A Woman.

Wallace Stevens

In Order To Go On Living One Must Try To Escape The Death Involved In Perfectionism.

Hannah Arendt

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