Shenzhen, PRC
Interior Design / Residential
Completed, 2009
Mr. & Mrs. David Blair
Design Architect
FF&E Contractor
Cheng Meng Furniture Group Pte. Limited
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee

The married couples from Singapore are being expatriated to the fast-growing city of Shenzhen. Concerned with mobility and further career moves, they asked A:I to design a series of furniture that could be dissembled easily but would not be perceived as temporary items.

A:I separated the furniture to two groups. The Assembly Unit System includes Dining Table, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, and Full-Height Shelving, which are flexible in composition as per the Owner’s practical needs.  With ease-of-packing in mind, the smaller 350x350 Unit could be fit within the 500x500 Unit could be fit within the 750x750 Dining Table Unit.  Assemblies are locked together with metal plates and rods without adhesives, screws, nuts, or bolts. To accommodate the Owner’s specific request, a secondary series of “storage units” for books, wine bottles, and wine glasses were designed to be inserted to the assembled Full-Height Shelving.

The second group of furniture are from Dionysus product line by A:I for retail sales.  The Owner selected the 7-ply bent veneer wood Dining Chair and Dining Bench, with veneer wood customized to match the materials in the Assembly Unit System.