ARCHITECTURE:INNOVATIV is a collective of individuals who share common interests and passion in architecture, design, technology, research, and innovation. Found in 2008, A:I brings together creativity and technical know-how, and a vision to maximize every project’s potentials to bring tangible and longlasting values to our clients.

We are creative, but very pragmatic.
We do not work for attention, we work with the intention of increasing tremendous project values for our clients. Therefore our goal is not simply to come up with creative ideas and photorealistic renderings, but to bring creative ideas and visions to reality.

We want to be bold and daring, but not egoistic and self-seeking.
We listen to our clients’ goals and objectives, and strive to deliver beyond expectations. We believe in win-win.

We’re not a corporate firm, but we have confidence and technical know-how in handling large scale projects.
We believe in working smart, taking advantage of state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology and tools to streamline our works.

We work within constraints, codes, and regulations, but we always push the boundaries.
We always think outside the box because we’re thinkers and innovators, not interpreters and messengers.

We aspire to do environmentally responsible design, not merely sustainability design.
We believe “sustainable” means maintaining the existing conditions, we believe true innovation is thriving and outperforming the status quo.

We champion pro-bono humanitarian works, but not in form of charity.
We believe architects fundamentally carry social and professional responsibilities to help others, to celebrate lives and humanity.

We appreciate the transcendental knowledge passed on to us, but we want to make contributions to the future generations.
Our ultimate goal is to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We’re perfectionists, but not perfect.
We aim for perfection, but we will never reach perfection, that’s why we always have works to do, always have room for improvements.