Shenzhen, PRC
Interior Design / Commercial
128 sm
Project, 2009
Luminoso Commercial Co. Limited
Design Architect
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee, Edoardo Cesáro

The client made two specific requests: 1) The prototype store has to be within a 8.0 m x 16.0 m module; and 2) Main color theme has to be a “loud”pink-red, a top-down decision by the CEO for the brand to appeal to the younger generation of female shoppers in China.

Instead of conceptualizing the project from a color theme, we began to develop design concepts based on the targeted age: females from early 20s to late 30s, i.e. with “born-on” date ranges from 1970s to 1980s.We began by looking into 70s and 80s art and particularly captivated by artists such as Ross Bleckner, Daniel Buren, and Dan Flavin - who were experimenting with dazzling stripes, visual disorientation, and light medium - hack back to the Op Art movement as the new decade transcended from the wake of the wild 60s.  The result is a featured sculptural display wall with stripes undulating in and out of wall surface, celebrating the curves of the female body and the spectrum of the client-requested color theme.For displays in central area of the store, curved tracks suspended from the ceiling serve as hanging rails for the elongated clothes hangers.  Loose furniture such as sofa and cashier countertop are dismantled versions of the Rubik’s Cube, debuted in 1974.