Jinhua, Zhejiang, PRC
Masterplan / Hospitality
65 acres
Project, 2015
Masterplan Architect
Autograph Architects Limited
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee, Marcus Mak, Ice Ou, Jimmy Cheung

With an overall design theme relating to the culture of tea production and enjoyment, majority of the 65 acres of land remains undeveloped and preserved for tea farming. The total developed GFA for Lan Lake Resort & Villa Development approximates 54,000 sm, meaning the overall plot ratio remains relatively low at 0.21.

Visitors would cross the pearl ponds at northeast corner of the site and arrive at the entrance plaza to Tea Village(茶鄉) - a low-rise commercial-retail area with cultural shops, tea museum, art & craft galleries, and restaurants/cafes. The Plaza is also the departure point for various featured Tea Tours (茶遊), including a 4-km loop biking trail circulating the entire site, a hiking trail across the tea farm, a tea cultural tour, and lake tour on boat.

Visitors who would stay at the vicinity overnight can take electric golf carts to the 60-key Tea Resort (茶城) at the peninsula - a 5-star hotel with panoramic views towards Lan Lake to the west and the tea farm to the east. VIP guests can stay at the Tea Villa (茶棧), total 10 keys deriving their design characters and themes from the ten most famous Chinese teas. Each villa has spacious indoor and outdoor areas and a private 25-meter lap pool blending with the lake.

Both hotel and villa guests can take a short walk at the south and enjoy the amenity facilities at Tea Court (茶院), where one can enjoy the swimming pool, gym, or health & treatment center offering custom Tea Spa (茶療), massages, and health consultation.