Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Interior Design / Residential
1,000 sf
Completed, 2018
King Yield Medical Services Limited
Design Architect
Kitchen Designer/Supplier
Madison Group
Digital Lapin
A:I Project Team
Dennis Lee, Celia Lun, Olivia Liu, Phoebe Fan, Celia Yeh, Zoe Lam, Flora Wong

In the (infamously) most unaffordable city where residential prices top the world ranking annually, it is a luxury to own an apartment, not to mention quality living space. Property owners often wait for prices to hit unprecedented peak and make highest profits possible, therefore would like to keep their properties in their original layouts with as many bedrooms as possible, as Hong Kong families are used to live in bedroom of 80 square feet or smaller and more bedrooms merely means more interested buyers.

Lomond Court Apartment is a rare residential refurbishment project in Hong Kong with an ideal client who desires for quality of life, comfort, and elegance without any interest in the property’s resale value. Originally a 1,000 square feet apartment with a typical three-bedroom / two-bath layout in Hong Kong, the client told us he has no intention to start a family thus no need for multiple small bedrooms and tiny wardrobes. Instead we were encouraged to re-consider the entire apartment from scratch, starting from his peculiar bachelorist lifestyle including drumming, whisky and wine-tasting, cigar-smoking, and home-cooking.

We demolished all non-load-bearing walls in the apartment leaving only maid’s room wall intact. The kitchen opens up to the dining room with a long side wall lined with shelves displaying the client’s whisky collection, cabinets, built-in wine cellar, and kitchen appliances. The original master bedroom makes way to a drumming stage, built with an insulated raised platform to attenuate the vibration from practices. With no need for a designated study room, we custom-designed a work station between the living room and drumming stage, serving as a separator for the two designated areas without disrupting the flow of space in an open plan. The two original bedrooms behind the living room were converted to a Master Suite with a bathroom accommodating both a tub and a shower - a rare in an apartment of similar scale - and a walk-in-closet with a vanity table. With deep beams and limited ceiling heights, we accentuated the structural profiles with continuous wood ribbons and light stripes at high level, at the same time the softness of geometry defines the spaces instead of highlighting the structural elements. Materials, furniture, and fixture were carefully selected in consideration of color, tone, and reflectivity, with a quiet intention to bring calmness to everyday living and brightness as the exterior windows are all Northeast-facing with only diffused light.

We believe good design must reflect the client’s personality. This project is an anti-statement to Hong Kong’s fast-pace and congested lifestyles, a unique experience made possible only with a unique client who defies the conventions of the city he lives in.